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   Full Cross Platform Engine with Tool Chain

  • One tool for everything (RuTool), no need for batch files for conversion or any other loose files
  • Export data from Maya to Collada with the click of a button
  • Setup image layout using RuTool, which will also automatically convert all files to game format (Collada to model data, Wavs files to XAudio for example)


  • Full build of runtime takes only 20 seconds
  • Full build of tool chain takes 15 seconds
  • All libraries decoupled so can be used individually
  • Libraries available as Lib and header files


  • Multi-Threaded Collision library allowing detection of convex and concave objects
  • Impulsed based Physics library, allowing differing update rates per body (for example my cars run at 1200hz!)
  • Vehicle Dynamics library, based on all real world values, The F1 Car shown has a suspension movement amount of only 2cm (complete with compliance) and a suspension strength of 400000Nm. All working 100% stable
  • Maths library, allowing use of intrinsics on the relevant platform, based loosely on havoks interface as I like it
  • Tyre library, the core of the vehicle dynamics comes from the tyres, this library has various differing tyre models for use on the cars, ranging from full combined slip pacejka with relaxation, to a simple arcade model with no combined slip attributes
  • Camera library, allows use of many different camera types all build from different components, never write camera code again!
  • Exposed variables library, allows any value in code to be exposed and tweaked from within the RuTool
  • Input library, Excel library and many more

   Render Features

  • Full automatic and custom shader support
  • Post-Processing pipeline including Cascaded Shadow maps, SSAO, FXAA, Tonal Mapping (HDR) and more
  • Realtime cube map support, with easy ability to customise Render quality per map
  • Complete prim system support, which is also fast, useful for diagnostic applications and debugging

   Exposed Variables

  • Expose any variable from code to the RuTool and alter it realtime
  • Support fro floats, bools, vectors, colours and even curves
  • Allows rapid turn around of features especially from an artist point of view Contact Default