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   Rush Rally 3 PC PC

  • COMING SOON to iOS, AppleTV, Android, Android TV and Amazon!
Crackdown 3

   Crackdown 3 XbOne PC Unreal

  • Lead vehicle programmer
  • Working with Unreal engine and Havok
  • Animation and IK programming

   Rush Rally 2 PC PC

  • OUT NOW on iOS, AppleTV, Android, Android TV and Amazon!
  • Using Rush Engine (Our own cross platform engine)
  • The new benchmark in mobile rally racing
  • Real physics using real world car dynamics from real telemetry data
  • 60 Frames per second on your mobile device

   Rush Rally PC PC

  • OUT NOW on Android and iOS!
  • Using Rush Engine (Our own cross platform engine)
  • Top 10 finalist in the indie dev showcase 2014!
  • Retro style gameplay top down cameras rule!
  • Real physics using real world car dynamics to create an authentic experience
  • Facebook/Gamecenter/Googleplay integrated, to allow play with friends

   Sonic Racing Transformed xbox360 ps3 wiiu psp2 3DS PC PC PC

  • Lead physics programmer
  • Fully Responsible for all the physics and collision in the game across all platforms
  • Arcade Kart handling driven by realistic underlying car dynamics
  • Boat dynamics using real world forces including buoyancy and drag
  • Aircraft dynamics mainly written to give an accessible handling model
  • Animation system with skinning written from scratch, utilises Spu's on PS3 from cross platform code, provides ability to evaluate with differing tangents at realtime (which Playstation Edge does not support)

   MotoGP 10/11 xbox360 ps3

  • Lead programmer
  • Focused on simulation motorcycle physics and Xbox360 specific code
  • Full Force based system includes gyroscopic forces to keep bike upright
  • Real Tyre modelling accounting for combined slip situations
  • 60 FPS with 27 bikes racing at once

   Split Second PSP

  • Lead Physics programmer.
  • Arcade racer similar to that of burnout (based on a release game)
  • Drifting, Smashes (burnout style crashes).
  • All in game camera work.
  • Truck and Trailer Racing
  • Playable Helicopter physics
  • 30 FPS on PSP with the exact Car dynamics as we use on next gen platforms.

   F1 2009 wii psp

  • Physics programmer, integrating Codemasters physics engine into our engine
  • Full F1 Car tuning and setups
  • Dynamic Tyre wear and fuel during the race, affecting handling real time
  • Dynamic Weather conditions affecting Tyre Model
  • All In game camera work
  • Qualifying, Practice and Time-Trial game modes

   GTi Club+ PS3

  • Lead Physics programmer.
  • Lead Car dynamics programmer, this included writing an entire simulation physics model from scratch and integrating it into the main physics library. Arcade handling helpers were then added to replicate the feel of the original arcade game
  • All in game cameras.
  • 60 FPS
  • Car shaders
  • Presentation for network game - Lobby and Car Select.

   Sega Superstars Tennis xbox360ps3wii

  • Physics Programming
  • Mini Game programming,
    • Monkey Ball
    • House of the Dead
    • Jetset radio
  • Ball effects
  • AI and superstar shots
Broken Sword

   Broken Sword - The Angel Of Death PC  

  • Animation, including full IK system
  • Gameplay Programming, Control Schemes.
  • User Interface
  • AI Programming for path finding using the point and click interface, using A-Star algorithm.

   Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing xbox360ps3wii

  • Responsible for supporting the physics library within the game.

   Dirt2 wii psp

  • Additional programming, maintaining the Codemasters physics engine within our own.

   Scorched PC PC

  • Drive and demolish across a dangerous wasteland
  • Full vehicle physics with constrained body parts (flappy doors, bonnets, etc)
  • Started the game for Sumo from a blank canvas before ramping up the team

   Toddler Explore Android

  • Interactive Picture Book.
  • Uses Rush Engine and tool chain
Dr. Who

   Dr. Who PC

  • Core Tech, supporting the use of my physics library.
  • Additional core tech to aid character movement. Contact Default