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Custom Built MAME Machine

  • 2 Players Retro Arcade Machine
    • 8 Buttons per player, 6 Face, 2 Side
    • 8 Way Digital Joystick
  • Customised software using Rush Engine
  • Plug and Play HDMI interface so works with any TV
  • Took just over a week to build in spare time
  • Low CPU spec (uses old parts I had):
Finished Box CPU Design
Wiring Internals Drilling

MAME UI Launcher

To give the machine that professional feel I decided to make my own launcher, this is because all the ones out there were either too complicated, or just not nice to use. This launcher aims to be very simple. It has been programmed using the Rush Engine, just to show the flexibility of the engine:
  • Alphabetical Treeview of all the games in your MAME collection
  • Mark games as favourites or hide them (for ROMS that don't work)
  • Filter based on favourite, played, hidden or all games
  • Play count shown on every game icon
  • Full textual information about every game you own, not just year and manufacturer!
  • Visuals of Screenshots, Marquees, Circuit Boards and Flyers for each game
  • Easy to use interface from your own cabinet
  • Automatically recognises your Monitor/TV type and sets the resolution accordingly so no faffing about
  • Download the MameUI Launcher from here
    • Pass MameUI.exe -final to launch full screen. This will also prevent Escape from closing the app
    • Alter LauncherSettings.xml to point to your Mame directory
    • Change the button colours in the Settings XML to reflect your setup
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